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ZEISS polarising lenses

Glare-free vision.




Conventional sunglass lenses can't stop the polarised light reflections which negatively affect our vision in sunlight. Fortunately, ZEISS has the solution: Polarised lenses and Polarised Skylet® lenses with polarisation filter in a wide range of tints.

Polarised lenses

Polarised lenses are polarising sunglass lenses by ZEISS in the standard colours of brown, grey and pioneer (grey-green).

Polarised Skylet® lenses – the ultimate in sunglass optics

Polarised Skylet® lenses combines a polarisation filter with contrast-enhancing Polarised Skylet® lenses tinting for a unique visual experience in extreme light conditions.

Wearer benefits:

  • Glare-free vision even with bright reflections
  • Maximum contrast and richer colours with Polarised lenses
  • Reliable solar UV protection


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The secret behind ZEISS sunglass lenses with polarisation filter:
When light is reflected off a smooth surface, sunlight on a wet road for example, it is partially reflected by the water. This reflected light can lead to distracting glare. The good news: this glare can be reduced by ZEISS sunglass lenses with polarisation filter. They simply filter the horizontally oscillating light elements. The physical principle behind this is that reflected light is polarised horizontally and is filtered by the vertical micro-mesh structure of the polarising spectacle lens.

Further information

Polarised lenses – polarising sunglass lenses by ZEISS

Polarised Skylet® lenses – the ultimate in sunglass optics


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