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Entering new dimensions with tried and tested knowledge

Flexible, precise and fast: ZEISS Optical Series

Experience and expertise are not gained from one day to the next. Our founder, Carl Zeiss, was involved in precision engineering and optical instruments in Jena back in 1846. He started with microscopes and later expanded into lenses, binoculars and spectacle lenses. The first measuring instrument of ZEISS Optical Series was launched onto the market in 2006. The optical portfolio has been continuously extended since that date.

optical series family render

Flexible, precise and fast: ZEISS Optical Series

The advantages of optical metrology are obvious. If components are particularly small, complex in shape, easily distorted or scratched, what they need most of all is contact-free quality assurance.

ZEISS has accepted the technical challenges resulting from these requirements and has taken advantage of its very many years of development work, its in-depth discussions with customers and the permanently increasing quality requirements to offer a new generation of optical measuring machines. ZEISS Optical Series consists of models tailored to meet customers' requirements, each version of which is equipped with variable illumination, a high-resolution camera and sophisticated software; each machine is capable of delivering rapid and accurate measurement readings. The range of models extends from purely optical machines through to multi-sensor solutions in which components can be measured both optically and by tactile techniques in one and the same machine.


Discover the new ZEISS O-DETECT

Entry into the world of modern optical metrology was never so simple. Thanks to a clear-cut design and an intuitive user interface, operation of the newly developed ZEISS O-DETECT is child's play after a short period of training even for newcomers to the machine. The purely optical measuring machine provides contact-free measurement and delivers rapid and precise data in next to no time.

The high-performance, high-resolution optical system and digital zoom, an overview camera for easy navigation and an adjustable ring light are amongst the equipment responsible for the precise measurement readings. ZEISS software also guarantees not only a precise analysis of the optically collected data but also an optimal user experience.

Focus on the user

The purely optical ZEISS O-DETECT coordinate measuring machine proves just how simple the operation of a highly-technical machine can be made for the user. Thanks to the intuitive, easily grasped user interface, after only two days' training even inexperienced staff can reliably operate this machine which has been optimized and automated for simple use and can achieve accurate measurement readings right from the start.


The high-quality camera is a vital part of ZEISS O-DETECT.
The complete lack of optical distortion of any kind creates the technical foundation needed for precise measurements. Thanks to sophisticated software and the new auto-focus function, the photographic data recorded by the camera is transformed into precise measurement results at the touch of a button.

Ring light

When accurate measurement results are at stake, first-class illumination plays a pivotal role. The two versatile ring lights which are easily replaceable by hand meet this need. The white and the blue ring lights operate both automatically as well as in line with user-defined settings. The customer himself can easily install updates and upgrades without the need to call in a service team.

Overview camera

For the first time an overview camera with an integral 5 megapixel camera sensor also forms a further standard component. As a result of this equipment the component due for measurement can be located faster and an image created.
This gives the user an easier overview of all the scanned parts. As with other applications, this technical component excels with its particularly simple and fast control system.

Experience ZEISS O-INSPECT for yourself

ZEISS O-INSPECT gives the user the best of both worlds in just a single machine - the optical measuring machine with a tactile sensor provides the opportunity for the precision measurement of the broadest possible variety of components both optically and using tactile technology without the need for recalibration when changing the sensor technology, as both technologies are integrated into a single machine. When dealing with complex components this machine saves not only time and money but also reduces the risk of inaccurate measurements caused by the use of different machines.

Thanks to the continuous development of multi-sensor technology - for example ranging from high optical resolution created by alternative sensor units which make the error-free measurement of extremely small structures possible, through to a particularly sensitive tactile scan-sensor - ZEISS O-INSPECT never fails to generate accurate 3D measurement results.

Christoph Stark, Product Manager ZEISS O-INSPECT

When it comes to working distance for simpler measuring, we are the best in the class.

High optical resolution

The use of alternative sensor units not only provides 1.6x or 2.4x higher optical resolutions but also offers a greater working distance of up to 87 mm between the camera and the component. This also significantly extends the measuring range for the customer.

Faster than ever before

Thanks to an updated software solution, measurements up to 6x faster than before are possible. Faster programming is possible for the user and several features of the component can be measured precisely at the same time. The updated software used in ZEISS O-INSPECT is therefore not only extremely user-friendly but above all it also saves additional costs for the customer.

ZEISS O-INSPECT - benefits and features at a glance

  • Tactile and optical measurement of components in a single machine
  • 3D measurement results
  • Updated, 6x faster 3D software
  • Wide range of illumination options
  • Higher resolution through alternative sensor units
  • Cost savings from faster programming and measurements as well as the simultaneous measurement of several components


Accreditation of the ZEISS Quality Excellence Center

It's been official since February 2019 - the ZEISS Optical Measurement and Calibration Center with its Aalen and Oberkochen sites is officially accredited. The Center's Manager, René Friedel, knows exactly what this means, "We are authorized to verify the accuracy of measurement of machines to ISO standard 10360 and also to issue an official certificate for the machine." It was also nothing short of impressive that the company's own measuring machines such as ZEISS O-INSPECT have already achieved accreditation after their measurement accuracy was submitted to the tests needed for accreditation.

René Friedel also proudly points out the unique possibilities of the ZEISS Measurement Center "We are currently the only laboratory in the whole of Germany which is able to offer the in-house testing of length, diameter, geometrical deviation and thermal elongation to optical standards. From micro-structures with a smallest diameter of 0.06 mm up to a large volume 2D measurement area of 1200 x 1980 mm."

The following figures emphasize the extent to which accreditation has now become important for machines in the field of metrology: 20 years ago there were only 25 official applications for accreditation, but in 2019 the number of applications exceeded 1000. Demand is continuously increasing in the automotive field. René Friedel and his team are superbly equipped, "We are without doubt one of the most precise metrology laboratories in the entire world at the present time. This benefits not only our own development work but also our customers of course who want us to test and calibrate their optical machines."