Lightsheet workshop

Microscopy Course

Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscopy

Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscopy

Duration: 2 days, 9 am – 5:30 pm
Participants: min. 3, max. 4
Course Fee: 1020.00 EUR, for a three day course excl. tax
Course material and lunch are included
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in laser scanning microscopy
General: Beside their classical function as superior 2D and 3D imaging systems, ad-vanced laser scanning microscopes can be applied to study sub- cellular dy-namics and to separate multiple fluorescent labels in a live cell environment. Confocal microscopy of living cells requires to optimize imaging for speed and minimal light induced lesions. If fluorescent labels with overlapping emission spectra are combined, simultaneous spectral acquisition followed by linear umixing can be used to separate them from each other. Different photo-manipulation techniques provide information about dynamic properties of the labelled components. Learn to master these innovative experimental approaches during this course to apply them successfully in your own research.
Topics: - Theoretical fundamentals of Multi Photon LSM
- Beam paths and configurations of the LSM NLO and MP
- Objective lenses for Multi Photon LSM
- Dodt contrast
- Non Descanned Detection and NDD filter cubes
- Excitation fingerprinting
- NLO manipulation
- Detection of Second Harmonic signals
- Maintenance and care

All hands on will be exercised on LSM 7-generation systems (LSM 710 NLO and LSM 7 MP) using the ZEISS ZEN software.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Monika Marx
monika .marx @zeiss .com
Fax: +49 3641 64-3144