ZEISS ZEN Intellesis for Machine Learning

Easily Train and Segment Your Image Files

Advanced Image Processing across Multiple Microscopy Methods

ZEISS ZEN Intellesis makes integrated, easy to use, powerful segmentation for 2D and 3D datasets available to routine microscopy users.


Powerful Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s microscopists. Images are easy; information is the requirement. It often requires an image processing specialist to create a workflow for segmentation using a combination of digital filters and tools. This is a perfect job for machine learning.

ZEN Intellesis is data-agnostic. Use in conjunction with other software platforms from ZEISS, including ZEISS Atlas 5 for correlative microscopy, as well as any other 3D analytical tools, such as ORS Dragonfly or GeoDict.

Easy to use

ZEN Intellesis is easy to learn, easy to use. Simply load your image, define your classes, label objects, train your model and check it, segment. When you’re satisfied, you can use your trained model to segment and analyze full datasets.

ZEN Intellesis can be used with image formats readable by the ZEISS ZEN software platform including CZI, TXM, TIFF, JPG, PNG.


ZEISS ZEN Intellesis is a powerful machine learning tool to process and analyze images from different microscope modalities:

  • Light
  • X-ray
  • Electron
  • Ion

Application Example

XRM Sandstone

XRM Sandstone
XRM Sandstone
XRM Sandstone
Trained & Segmented
XRM Sandstone
IP Function Output

5-Minutes to Easy Image Segmentation


ZEN Intellesis


ZEISS ZEN Intellesis for Life Science

Image Segmentation for 2D and 3D Datasets

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ZEISS ZEN Intellesis

Machine Learning Approaches for Easy and Precise Image Segmentation

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ZEISS ZEN Intellesis for Materials Science

Your Imaging Software for Machine Learning

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