3View® for Your ZEISS FE-SEMs

Perform Block Face 3D Imaging of Your Biological Samples

3View® from Gatan, Inc.

Fast and Convenient 3D Imaging for Biological Samples in the FE-SEM

Block face imaging is a fast and convenient method to perform 3D imaging with nanometer resolution. With 3View® you use an ultramicrotome inside the SEM chamber to repeatedly cut and image your resin embedded cell and tissue samples. Combine your Sigma and GeminiSEM from ZEISS with 3View® to produce thousands of serial images in a single day. Block face imaging delivers perfectly aligned images in the shortest possible time and in the most convenient way.

Your FE-SEMs from ZEISS with 3View® are ideally suited to acquire high resolution 3D data with TEM like quality. The unique Gemini column delivers crisp images in large fields of view with nanometer resolution. Block face imaging of hundreds of microns of your sample in one go reduces overlap and saves stitching time.


ZEISS FE-SEM with Gemini technology
Your ZEISS FE-SEM with Gemini technology is easy to use. You profit from efficient detection with excellent resolution.

Your complete solution from ZEISS

  • Your FE-SEMs Sigma and GeminiSEM with integrated 3View® allow you to do block face imaging of even large samples with superb image quality.
  • Use your Sigma 3View® with variable pressure for charge neutralization to reduce imaging artifacts.
  • Profit from GeminiSEM 3View® for best low voltage performance and highest flexibility.
  • You can now enhance your GeminiSEM with Focal Charge Compensation to eliminate charging artifacts.
  • All systems run with excellent long term stability without any user intervention.
Save time: your 3View® images 32k × 24k in one single scan.
Save time: your 3View® images 32k × 24k in one single scan.

Largest field of view

  • ZEISS Gemini technology delivers up to 32k × 24k pixels in one scan at nm resolution.
  • You have to stitch 15 times less, compared to 8k × 8k images.
  • With minimized magnetic field at the sample surface you image even large fields of view without blurring at the edges.
  • For most applications that means you won’t need to stitch images at all.
  • You save time and avoid double exposures of the necessary stitching overlap.

Peripheral nerves in red are shown with intricate detail of nerve network, nodes and bends. Courtesy of P. Munro, School of Ophthalmology, University College London, UK

Highest speed

  • With 3View® you get your 3D results in shortest time.
  • Speed up your application with the unique high current mode of your Sigma.
  • Even faster: the new OnPoint BSE detector and your GeminiSEM deliver highest scan speeds without compromises in resolution.
  • Depending on your application you get your results up to 10 times faster. Overnight instead of over the week!

The Technology behind 3View®

Watch the animation to see how 3View® works.

Block Face Imaging

3View® is an ultramicrotome inside your SEM chamber. The block sample is positioned directly under the SEM column. After imaging the block face, the sample is moved up a very small step (down to 15 nm). The ultramicrotome knife cuts the top of the sample and retracts, exposing a new block face. Then the process repeats. In this way you will cut and image thousands of block faces and reconstruct the data to a complete 3D volume.

Mouse lung. A run through an image stack acquired with GeminiSEM and 3View<sup>®</sup>. Charging artifacts are completely eliminated as long as Focal Charge Compensation is switched on. Imaged with 2.5 keV and 1 μs pixel dwell time. Courtesy of NCMIR.

Focal Charge Compensation delivers artifact-free images

When imaging resin embedded samples, e.g. cell culture monolayers or highly vascularized tissues, you often struggle with specimen charging. This results in imaging artifacts, degraded image quality and distortion. Using variable pressure SEM can prevent that, but at the expense of signal-to-noise and resolution.
Now, you can add Focal Charge Compensation to your GeminiSEM with 3View®. Focal Charge Compensation was developed in collaboration with the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR) to eliminate specimen charging without degrading image quality.
Here is how it works: a tiny capillary needle is precisely located above the sample. It guides Nitrogen gas directly onto the sample surface while the chamber maintains high vacuum. The needle retracts automatically during the cutting cycle and does not interfere with image acquisition. This allows you to perform your serial block face imaging with high acquisition rates.
High resolution 3D imaging of your demanding samples has never been so easy or so quick.

Schematic cross-section of Gemini column
Schematic cross-section of Gemini column with beam booster, Inlens detectors and Gemini objective.

Your Gemini column is ideally suited for block face imaging

Highly stable thermal field emission gun: Extreme long term stability for constant imaging conditions
Beam booster: Superb image resolution at low voltages
Minimized magnetic field at specimen: Large fields of view without blurring at the edges

Low-voltage operation
With low-voltage operation the signal comes only from the top surface layer.

Why low voltage?

  • Your Gemini column from ZEISS has excellent low voltage performance.
  • You get the BSE signal only from a thin surface layer after each milling step.
  • No unwanted signal from deep inside the sample influences your image quality.


With ZEISS Focal Charge Compensation to high-quality 3D data sets

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ZEISS Sigma and GeminiSEM with 3View® from Gatan, Inc.

Fast and Convenient 3D Imaging for Biological Samples in the FE-SEM

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Serial Block Face Imaging

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