ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12



SteREO Discovery.V12の電動コンポーネントは顕微鏡用ソフトウェアZENやAxioVisionとフル統合し、再現性に優れた試料の測定やデータ記録を可能にします。

SteREO Discovery.V12は、生物学や品質管理での画像解像やコントラストに力を発揮します。

外部タッチパネルSYCOPで、SteREO Discovery.V12のメイン機能(倍率、フォーカス、コントラスト、輝度など)をコントロールできます。


HIP (Human Interface Panel)
HIP (Human Interface Panel)
  • 電動式12:1ズーム機能
  • SteREO顕微鏡のモジュール式システムにシームレスに統合
  • 信頼のおける結果をもたらす電動コンポーネント
  • 冷光またはLEDに基づく照明や検鏡法
  • 高倍率レベルでも優れた焦点深度
  • エルゴノミックで簡単な操作、オプションのタッチパネルSYCOPでコントロール可能
Embryonic stage of a squid © Dr. Cassandra Extravour, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Embryonic stage of a squid

Precicion: eZoom画像-2倍シャープに

Ease of Use

The SYCOP Concept: 作業がさら簡単に

Quick Reference Guide (Multilanguage)

SYCOP 3 – System Control Panel for Zoom and Stereo Microscopes

Coaxial Reflected-Light Illuminator S
Use Coaxial Reflected-Light Illuminator S for the observation of smooth, specular surfaces and highly reflective specimens such as polished metal parts and microelectronic devices. The illumination and observation conditions are optimized for the PlanApo S 1.0x objective. For different objectives a lever for switching the fiber light guide position allows you to optimize the illumination.

  • Homogeneous illumination of large object fields
  • Light manager for coaxial lighting stabilizes the brightness during zooming
Coaxial epi-illumination S  Particularly suitable for flat, specular specimens.
Coaxial epi-Illumination S Particularly Suitable for Flat, Specular Specimens.

Coaxial Fluorescence Module
Use the vertical illuminator PentaFluar S to observe fluorescence applications with visible light excitation. With this illuminator you observe, scan and sort your genetically treated model organisms in developmental biology and molecular genetics research labs. Working as materials scientist or in quality control you profit from highly resolved, rich-contrast, three-dimensional fluorescence images.

Vertical Illuminator PentaFluar S
Vertical Illuminator PentaFluar S


Diatoms – Transmitted-light brightfield
Electronic component Reflected-light brightfield
Electronic component – Reflected-light brightfield
Frog stained with azan – Transmitted light-brightfield
Frog stained with azan – Transmitted light-brightfield


SteREO Discovery.V12 - Expanding the Boundaries

Brilliant images in 3D

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Microscope and Measurement Systems for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Capture the essentials of your component. Quickly. Simply. Comprehensively.

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System Overview: Modular System of Stereo and Zoom Microscopes

SteREO Discovery.V8 | SteREO Discovery.V12 | SteREO Discovery.V20 | Axio Zoom.V16

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The Profile The Modular System of Stereo- and Zoom Microscopes

SteREO Discovery.V8 | SteREO Discovery.V12 | SteREO Discovery.V20 | Axio Zoom.V16

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