Work Digitally



Work Digitally

Continue your tasks from home.

We offer you digital solutions and access to a vast image processing suite, so you can continue your tasks remotely. Use ZEISS software for free or request remote service for your instruments.

Achtung - dieser Visibility-Container ist eine Kopie des darunter befindlichen Visibility-Containers

Er ist in allen Medien ausgeblendet. Der untere Visibility-Container enthält NICHT die 90-Tage Version für ZEN und ZEN core

Process & analyze your microscopy data at home | Get a free 90-day version of ZEN (blue edition) or ZEN core

ZEN (blue edition)
ZEN core

Request Free 90-Day Version of ZEN

Get the full processing and analyzing power

You can now get ZEN imaging software, ZEN (blue edition) or ZEN core, for your PC or laptop at home, for free, for full 90 days*. After this time period, you can simply continue using your free ZEN installation for many basic tasks.

* Please note: your free trial version of ZEN does not support microscope control. You may start your 90-day version until September 30th, 2020.

Perform your routine imaging tasks | Download the free Labscope App for iOS and Windows

Labscope App

Download Labscope

Perform basic routine imaging task

Whether you use your Windows PC or an iPad – to snap images, record videos and share your results has never been easier.

Create & combine image processing modules in the cloud | Join the APEER community    

APEER - the cloud-based digital microscopy platform


Your cloud-based image processing platform

Free and open platform for your image processing needs. Sign up now to access more than 175 imaging modules for free.

Request remote service without on-site visit | Discover our remote service offer

Remote service without on-site visit

Request ZEISS Remote Service

Customer service without on-site visit

Considering the current development, ZEISS as your reliable partner wants to ensure that your instruments are fully functional anytime.

ルーチンイメージング | 無料アプリ Labscope ( iOS / Windows)   

Labscope App

Download Labscope


Windows PC または  iPadを使う場合に、画像や動画のデータを共有することがこれまで以上に簡単になりました。

クラウドで画像処理モジュールを作成して組み合わせる | APEERコミュニティー

APEER - the cloud-based digital microscopy platform



画像処理のニーズに対応する無料のオープンプラットフォーム。 サインアップして、175を超えるイメージングモジュールに無料でアクセスしてください。

現地訪問を伴わないサービス | リモートサービス

Remote service without on-site visit

Request ZEISS Remote Service



Microscopy Insights Hub


顕微鏡とアプリケーションについて学ぶ 。ウェブセミナー、ハウツー動画、アプリケーションのホワイトペーパーを検索してください。

Microscopy Insights Hub

Learn about microscopy and its applications.

Register for free to get access to Microscopy Insights. Discover and share webinars, how-to videos, and white papers for your field of application.

Webinars at Microscopy Insights



White Papers at Microscopy Insights

White Papers


How-to Videos at Microscopy Insights

How-to Videos

How-to Videosでは、顕微鏡操作におけるワークフローについて、わかりやすく段階的に説明しています。

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