ZEISS sets new standards in lens cleaning

The new lens cleaning range from ZEISS

The new pre-moistened, micro-fine tissue for cleaning spectacle lenses produces above all one thing: lasting results. Extensive internal tests and inspections carried out by COLTS, an international leading quality test laboratory within the optics industry, have shown that its cleaning performance is the most effective compared to ten alternative lens wipes – it cleans gently without causing scratches. The wipe has a special structure which cleans sensitive plastic lenses and their coatings in an extremely gentle manner.

  • Gentle and thorough cleaning from the optical specialist ZEISS.
  • Suitable for all spectacle lenses including modern plastic lenses with special coatings.
  • Range of applications: even suitable for cameras, mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, LCD displays etc.
  • Unique combination of active agents free from aggressive cleaning substances and artificial fragrances.
  • All ZEISS cleaning products have been tested using scientific test procedures carried out by COLTS, the internationally recognised ioptics nstitute.

ZEISS lens cleaning products clean:

  • More gently: the surface and coating of spectacle lenses remain in sound condition even during controlled long-term testing*.
  • More thoroughly: no other tested lens cleaner removes dirt as effectively.

CONCLUSION: Perfect cleaning results

A range of solutions created by the optical specialist