The range of ZEISS tints stretches from light, purely cosmetic tinting, to high-performance tints such as the contrast-enhancing Skylet® colours by ZEISS. The ZEISS colour programme enables you to fulfil practically any colour preferences. And, of course, all ZEISS sunglass lenses feature reliable solar UV protection. They also block unwanted glare which can lead to irritated eyes and headaches.

Classical ZEISS precision lenses for sunglasses

  • Maximum colour personalisation
  • Reliable UV protection for all sunglass tints


Skylet® Tints

  • Enhanced contrast perception
  • Richer colour vision
  • Right amount of tinting for every application (Fun, Sport, Road)

The secret behind Skylet®:
Blue light is the main reason for the scattered light which impairs our vision: this is where Skylet® by ZEISS provides relief thanks to a highly advanced absorption property. This ensures a considerable increase in contrast and enhanced perception of colour. The result is more relaxed, clearer vision, even in extreme light conditions.

Further Information

The three contrast-enhancing Skylet® colours: