Certified by ZEISS

Did you know that you are wearing optically perfect sunglasses?

Your sunglasses have been tested by ZEISS laboratories. They pass the ZEISS stringent optical requirements to offer you a sharp and protected vision.

What we do

One lens does not fit all: each sunglass needs to match the right lenses. That is why at ZEISS, we partner up with the sunglasses producers to make sure you are wearing the best possible eyewear.

It all starts from sketching.
Our laboratory technicians analyze the frame design in order to find the most compatible lens to ensure the finest optical quality for your sunglass.

Once the lens is selected, ZEISS experts certify the complete sunglass (frame + sun lenses) according to ZEISS stringent optical parameters, to make sure you are wearing optically perfected eyewear.

Your sunglasses are now optically perfect and registered on the ZEISS website.

Check out if your sunglass model is equipped with original ZEISS lenses and is passing the ZEISS Optical Certification.

Are you wearing sunglasses certified by ZEISS’ laboratory?”



Benefits for you

  • Enjoy a protected and incomparable visual experience thanks to the guarantee of ZEISS optical quality.
  • The semi-visible engraved “Z” logo on each lens guarantees the uniqueness and authenticity of the certified ZEISS Sunlens technology.
  • ZEISS lenses are the only one in the world certified with the same parameters used for ophthalmic lenses for a precise and distortion-free vision.
  • Benefit from ZEISS’ passion for perfection and optical know-how since 1846.