Universal clamping fixtures

ZEISS OmniFix®

どのようなワークでも、ZEISS OmniFixを使用することで時間と費用を節約できます。当社は、ワークを安全かつインテリジェントに固定することができる、さまざまな固定治具を提供しているため、コストのかかるオリジナルのソリューションを構築する手間が省けます。

Benefits for you

  • Universally application
  • Reproducible measurement processes
  • Faster clamping
  • Compatible with other ZEISS products

What must you consider when clamping a workpiece?

  • All features accessible
    First you must ensure that all elements being measured can be accessed by the styli.
  • Secure and wobble-free positioning
    It must be possible to position the workpiece firmly on the support so that it cannot be deformed or moved.
  • Neither too tight nor too loose
    Your workpiece should not be seated too tight or too loose. Your workpiece will then still be able to “function” regardless of temperature fluctuations, i.e. react without becoming overtensioned.

Easy clamping – even for the
most complex workpieces.



1. 固定それとも保持?




2. 自由度


3. Static determination

If all six degrees of freedom of a workpiece are fixed, this is referred to as "static determination". Always strive for static determination if you work with stable, nondeformable workpieces in measurement technology.

4. Static underdetermination

If one or more degrees of freedom of a workpiece is/are not fixed, this is referred to as "static underdetermination". This always must be avoided in measurement technology.

5. 静的過固定


ZEISS OmniFix® Portfolio

Whether for tactile, optical or X-ray applications: The mounting of the component on the measuring device is crucial in order to obtain conclusive and accurate measurement results. The ZEISS OmniFix portfolio is suitable for a wide range of configurations and measuring devices. We offer a choice of well-designed kits; the components can be also purchased individually, as well as universal clamping devices such as vises and three-jaw chucks.

Demo Videos of ZEISS OmniFix Kits Applications