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With its robust design and customisable setup, ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA is the ideal 2D X-ray system for harsh production environments. The Automatic Defect Recognition software in combination with automated 100% in-line inspection guarantees fast and reliable defect detection for your quality assurance. Moreover, multi-shift operation and a clever pallet loading system for parallel changing and loading ensure high throughput for the inspection of various types of castings.


How you benefit from ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA:

High throughput: fast exchange of parts

A special loading concept makes it possible to load and unload the system in only a few seconds. This guarantees high throughput in your production.

Automated evaluation: ADR software

The ZEISS-designed and developed ADR software enables fully automatic X-ray inspection of different kinds of castings according to international standards, without the operator's involvement.

Robust and reliable system: for continuous use in harsh production environments

Its strong and robust construction make ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA the perfect fit for continuous use in the harsh production environment – 24/7.

Full flexibility: inspect different parts

Due to the clever pallet concept and dual turntable, various types, sizes and forms of castings can be inspected, both manually or robot-loaded.


Made for production

Suitable for a range of parts and industries

The robust 2D X-ray system reliably and quickly inspects castings of medium to large sizes as well as low and medium density – for high throughput in your production line, around the clock.

Top industries

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Foundry


Discover remarkable features and advantages
Customisable setup
  • The system can be integrated into a robotic working cell
  • Totally customised and flexible solution for your needs
  • Marking and identification features (on request)
  • Remote inspection review station (on request)
  • Special interfaces (on request)
Automatic Defect Recognition
  • ZEISS-developed ADR software
  • Fully automatic X-ray inspection for different kinds of castings
  • Independent of the operator’s judgment of results
  • Can be adjusted to comply with specific user acceptability or various ASTM standards
Robust and reliable system
  • Robust design for harsh production environments
  • Reliable system for 100% in-line inspection
  • Multi-shift operation in production
  • Global ZEISS service for fast and reliable support
High throughput
  • Rotating loading table enables parallel scanning and loading
  • Idle time is reduced to a minimum
  • Clever pallet concept allows to remove and change pallets quickly without using any tools
  • Various types of castings can be inspected




Part size



Inspection loading area

1170 x 670 x 380 mm

1570 x 970 x 480 mm

Max. tube voltage

160/225 kV

160/225 kV

Sensor technology

8/10/16 inches FPD

8/10/16 inches FPD

Idle time between scans

≤ 6 seconds

≤ 6 seconds

Dual turntable and fixed axes for fast scanning

The perfect combination

Automated 2D X-ray inspection systems come in many forms. The highlight of ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA is its combination of rotary table and fixed internal axes. This setup is the perfect combination for fast scanning as it enables parallel inspecting and changing of parts.

Automatic Defect Recognition for a range of applications

ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA comes with 2D X-ray imaging and the Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) software. The easy-to-use software with quick image acquisition allows for fully automated 2D X-ray inspection and evaluation in compliance with ASTM standards. Particularly the automotive industry benefits from the compliance with strictest quality standards required by car manufacturers.

The most important software benefits are:

  • Custom acceptability standard libraries can be created on individual specifications
  • Adjustable search engines for fine-tuned inspection
  • Programming is possible even without casted parts thanks to a defect simulation tool
  • Evaluation based on the most common car manufacturing standard

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