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自動車業界では、新エネルギー自動車(NEV)の開発と発売が急速に加速しています。電気パワートレインの構造が内燃機関車とは大きく異なるため、自動車メーカーやサプライヤーは、電気自動車の重要な部品の生産と組み立てに適応するために、自らを改革する必要があります。新エネルギー事業における品質保証の大きな課題は、精度に対する要求の高まりに対応する必要があることです。ZEISS eMobility ソリューションは、NEVの信頼性、効率性、安全性を確保しながら品質保証のための複数の先進技術を提供することで、この変化に対応することを可能にします。

From energy to eMotion ZEISS eMobility Solutions

Five Core Components of eMobility

Innovations in electric vehicle manufacturing are generating new measurement tasks and initiating a paradigm shift in quality inspection. NEVs have fewer components, but those parts require holistic quality inspection solutions ranging from tactile and optical measurements to X-ray microscopy.


A wide range of imaging, analytic and metrology tools are needed to enable battery research and quality control of batteries. ZEISS produces light, electron, x-ray-microscopy and computer tomography (CT) systems, as well as coordinate measurement machines to assess and correlate structural, compositional, electrical and dimensional characteristics across the relevant lengths scales. ZEISS thus helps to provide the relevant data to enable battery safety and performance for new energy vehicles.

ZEISS Microscopes

ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines

Optical 3D Scanning

ZEISS X-Ray Series

Quality Assurance for Batteries

Fuel cell system

In addition to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) are another possibility for the future of alternative energy supply. In a FCEV, the fuel cell system provides all of the energy needed to power the electric motor. The fuel cell stack is the most important component of the FCEV, this is where energy is being provided through electrochemical reactions. In the fuel cell stack many individual cells are arranged in series and connected together. The process to construct the fuel cell system requires the highest quality standards in production and development of each individual component. 

ZEISS Microscopes

ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines

ZEISS X-Ray Series

Metrology Solutions for Fuel Cells

Power Electronics

Power electronics is the energy hub of every battery-electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle, as it controls the flow of power between the battery and the electric motor. To make electronic components more efficient and reliable, it’s essential to control the quality of semiconductors, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and finished modules across different length scales.

ZEISS Microscopes

ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines

ZEISS X-Ray Series

Quality Assurance for NEV Power Electronics

Electric Motor


ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines

Optical 3D Scanning

ZEISS X-Ray Series

Quality Assurance for Electric Motors


Electric vehicles have very different powertrains – with either a single-speed or two-speed transmission instead of up to nine gears found in combustion engines. The engine and transmission share a housing – reducing the number of components and weight, but not the quality requirements. A number of measuring and inspection steps are needed to ensure top performance, low wear and tear, and quiet operation. ZEISS produces all of these measurement tools, and consults with manufacturers to design ideal quality assurance systems.

ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines

Metrology Solutions for Car Transmissions

Solve your measuring challenges

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From single applications up to fully integrated measuring and inspection systems and quality intelligence software: ZEISS eMobility Solutions offer a diverse portfolio that will leave you well-equipped to handle any measurement challenge — regardless of the e-mobility application.

3D Geometry & Microstructure with ZEISS DotScan Fuel Cell E-Motor

To guarantee the efficiency of the BPP the curvature, edge steepness,
position and periodicity of the 3D microstructure in the individual bipolar plates must be ensured. ZEISS DotScan, a chromatic white light measurement sensor, on ZEISS PRISMO is capable of optically measuring these characteristics. At the same time, the waviness and burr formation on cut edges can also be detected. With
suitable measurement on both sides, the material thickness and local thinning of material by the forming process can also be recorded.

Stator House Measurement with ZEISS DotScan E-Motor

Inspecting the geometry and contour of the housing is essential: Optical confocal whitelight technology with ZEISS DotScan performs high-precision contour measurements, like chamfers or radii on e.g. bores for bearings.

Stator Housing Measurement with ZEISS VAST XXT E-Motor

Integrating the e-motor and transmission into a single housing creates complex, interdependent geometries in the manufacturing process. The shape, size and location of these components have tight tolerances. Tactile active scanning with ZEISS VAST XXT combined with a rotary table fulfills all inspection requirements. 

Sheet Inspection with ZEISS O-INSPECT E-Motor

The geometry of the 2D sheet defines the dimensions of the final stator and permanent magnet slots. This is why it is so important to measure these dimensions quickly and with high accuracy. An ideal solution is to utilize ZEISS multisensor technology, such as 2D cameras and confocal light sensors, to measure the flatness of each individual sheet. The flatness and the non-existence of burrs are key factors to ensure a sheet stack that is perfectly constructed and easy to assemble.

Assembly Volume Analysis with ZEISS LineScan E-Motor

The outer boundary of the stator is crucial for mating the stator in the e-motor housing. The connection flange and shaft position require inspection in relation with the transmission. It is essential that this data be collected quickly and thoroughly. These requirements can be achieved by using ZEISS laser line triangulation technology. An automated ZEISS coordinate measuring machine is ideal for higher quantities.

Dimension and Coating Quality of Hairpin with ZEISS DotScan E-Motor

Each hairpin has a flexible structure and is coated with a sensitive lacquer layer – these characteristics create challenges for reliable tactile inspection. An automated ZEISS coordinate measuring machine, equipped with confocal light or laser triangulation optical sensor is one option to accurately measure the shape and lacquer thickness. 

ZEISS Solutions provides the key for series production

ZEISS and VW have been working together to develop a new measuring solution for hairpin stators

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