Metrology for mechanical engineering

Precise measurements and quality assurance in production

What is metrology good for in mechanical engineering? In mechanical engineering, not only the parts but also the manufacturing environment are a major challenge for metrology. Depending on the area of application, the requirements for the measurement systems differ, so there is not just the "one solution". With industrial metrology for mechanical engineering from ZEISS you can find the coordinate measuring machine or other measuring system that fits your needs. By accelerating inspection processes, avoiding iteration loops and shortening cycle time you can increase your production output.

The requirements for metrology in mechanical engineering are high

One of the obvious reasons why metrology in mechanical engineering must meet special requirements is the size of the parts to be measured. Taking the measurements often cannot take place in a clean and sterile measuring room because the workpieces are simply too large. This means that the measuring machines are often confronted with dust, oil and changing temperatures in their measuring environment. By changing mounting positions, the measuring systems achieve increased resistance to dirt, for example, through vertical mounting and protective devices. To compensate for vibrations and other oscillations, active damping is used. Robust drive and guide systems give the metrology a high degree of durability.

Another important point is the quality of the measurements. This is influenced not only by the measuring environment, but also by the precision of the measuring machine. No compromises must be made here, because accurate measurement results are indispensable in mechanical engineering.

The smallest deviations in the measured variables and measurement errors can cause major damage or total failure. In this context, the acquisition of the data measured by the machine by means of appropriate software is also of high importance.

The expectation of consistent product quality in the components produced continues to rise. At ZEISS, we focus not only on consistent quality, but also on constantly improving quality. With ZEISS Retrofit, we perform upgrades on your coordinate measuring machine to bring it up to the latest sensor technology.

To also keep you and your employees up-to-date and trained in using measuring equipment, ZEISS AUKOM offers training courses and further training for measuring technicians.

Quality assurance through the use of ZEISS measuring machines

Quality assurance of measurement results plays a key role in mechanical engineering. If measurements were taken manually with a profile projector, this would not only result in a high expenditure of time, but above all in non-reproducible measurement results. Each measurement technician would perform a measurement according to his own method. Different measurement results would be the consequence of that. This must be avoided, because in mechanical engineering, accuracy, functionality and safety are of paramount importance. After all, in most cases there are people working at the machine who can be endangered by measurement errors in mechanical engineering. Precise manual measurements are possible with ZEISS T-SCAN, because the hand-guided laser scanner indicates the perfect measuring distance very precisely.

For automated measuring processes with machines, quality assurance of measurements in mechanical engineering and many other industries is reliably ensured with coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS. All components of a construction can be measured individually and also assembled - regardless of the size of the construction. This is because ZEISS offers large-scale devices in various designs and with different measuring systems, e.g. with optical 3D scanning systems, but also measuring tables with the ideal metrology for use in mechanical engineering.

It's just great when you can rely on the device and continue working on the side.

Daniel Steck, PERI

ZEISS metrology – the optimal measurement solution in mechanical engineering

Coordinate measuring machines with large measuring volumes and the latest metrology are required, especially in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries as well as in the aerospace industry. In these industries, the highest precision is required under difficult measuring conditions. For this purpose, ZEISS offers a large portfolio of tabletop, gantry and bridge-type measuring machines with the appropriate sensors. Optical sensors enable non-contact data acquisition in the shortest possible time. 

The tactile sensors scan the surface of the part point by point and thus guarantee maximum precision.

However, not all parts in mechanical engineering are large and heavy. Medium-sized and small workpieces are also used and must be measured precisely. Measuring stations are ideally suited for this purpose. ZEISS also has the optimum solution for this type of measurement and production.

The coordinate measuring machine ACCURA with the latest metrology for use in mechanical engineering.

The ZEISS ACCURA bridge coordinate measuring machine

The platform concept of ZEISS ACCURA makes it possible to design your coordinate measuring machine according to your ideas. The high-performance insulation on the gantry optimally equips the measuring machine for use in mechanical engineering. As a result, the metrology is not only protected from temperature, but also from vibrations and other movements due to pneumatic vibration isolation. Innovative air bearings ensure minimized travel times and higher workpiece throughput.

The ZEISS MMZ series

The large coordinate measuring machines of the MMZ T, MMZ M and MMZ G series enable maximum accuracy with a large measuring volume. The MMZ T measuring machine offers the largest measuring volume among the tabletop bridge-type machines, while the MMZ G is the front-runner in the category of large bridge-type machines. The MMZ M is ideally suited for inspecting complex and, above all, medium-sized workpieces with tight tolerances.

These metrology machines prove their usefulness in mechanical engineering especially due to their resistance to harsh environmental conditions and their insensitivity to air containing dust and oil. Large bearing distances and a stable gantry design ensure very high scanning performance. This means that even very large and heavy workpieces can be measured precisely.

The MMZ G measuring machine with the latest metrology for use in mechanical engineering.
The coordinate measuring machine ACCURA with the latest metrology for use in mechanical engineering.

The measuring station SURFCOM CREST

In the field of contour and surface metrology, the SURFCOM CREST measuring station by ZEISS is ideally suited. With maximum accuracy and speed, the measuring machine measures surface parameters and contours in just one work step. This significantly increases throughput and boosts efficiency. The comprehensive automation technology of the CNC measuring table also ensures greater productivity. Extremely stable and highly accurate measuring results make the SURFCOM CREST an optimal addition to metrology in mechanical engineering.

  • To the SURFCOM CREST measuring station

Performance optimization in mechanical engineering with precise metrology

With industrial metrology in mechanical engineering, it is possible to increase the accuracy, as well as the speed, of measurement methods and manufacturing processes. Precise measurements require not only powerful coordinate measuring machines, but also the appropriate software to acquire, bundle and process the large amount of data. What is exactly where metrology in mechanical engineering comes in. ZEISS has developed CALYPSO for this purpose, a universal software with numerous extensions for special requirements. To achieve the best measurement results, the measuring system and software must be perfectly matched. ZEISS is your competent partner for metrology in mechanical engineering, adapted to your needs.

Measuring solutions for mechanical engineering by ZEISS - your advantages at a glance:

  • Measuring machines measure with high precision in the middle of the production environment, no special measuring room is required
  • Thanks to the simple handling and intuitive operation of the ZEISS CALYPSO preset software, your employees can take measurements without any problems
  • Great flexibility in the choice of sensors
  • Efficient work due to all-round view into the measuring volume of the MMZ series, measuring machines with walk-in measuring areas for effective analysis directly on the workpiece and mobile data stations for direct programming on the part
  • Measurements with increased speed and throughput
  • AUKOM training courses and advanced training for metrology technicians in the ZEISS Metrology Academy support you and your employees in every metrology challenge



PERIはZEISS COMETおよびZEISS T-SCANで型枠および足場システムの主要コンポーネントを検査します。


Landolt社は、ZEISS T-SCANを使用して組み立て前に部品を検査し、リバースエンジニアリング作業を実施


ヴュルツブルク大学は、ZEISS COMETを使用してエジプトの発掘現場での考古学的発見を記録し、評価しています。



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Up to 400,000 motorcycle chassis components are produced each year at VMG Dambauer in Voecklabruck, Austria.

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Stangl&Kulzer Groupは、ZEISS XENOSに投資した最初のヨーロッパ企業です。

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